How to Look Confident in Headshots

strategies on how to look confident in headshots

Confidence is photogenic. The more confident you are when facing the camera, the more it shows. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident when having their photos taken – even CEOs and business leaders. This can be tricky since a corporate headshot is an important part of your branding strategy. Therefore, it is important to know the tips and strategies on how to look confident in headshots.


How to Look Confident in Headshots: 4 Tips

Confidence is attractive, but not everyone is gifted with the skills of projecting in front of the camera. For many professionals and business leaders, the only time most of them ever get to be in front of the camera is when it is time to take their headshots. As a result, many feel self-conscious and even vulnerable. However, it is important that you master how to project confidence, even when you do not feel your best in front of the camera. 

With a little practice and the use of the right techniques, you can fake confidence in front of the camera and achieve your best headshots.

1. Preparation Breeds Confidence

In a test, you feel more confident about the results when you have studied before taking the test. The same can be said when you are about to partake in a headshot session. It is important to want to look your best, you can look into hiring a professional hair and makeup artist. You should also take some time to choose your wardrobe for the session and to work with the best headshot photographer.

When all of these elements are working together, you are confident that you’ve done all the necessary preparation. It gives you more confidence and as a result, you will look more confident in your photos.

techniques on how to look confident in headshots

2. Build Rapport with the Photographer

Being comfortable with your photographer can have a significant impact in terms of how your photos turn out. A lot of people feel awkward during a photoshoot because they become self-conscious in front of the camera and the photographer. However, once you have built a rapport with the photographer, you will start to loosen up. You will no longer be conscious about their presence but rather focus on your poses and projections. 

3. Power Poses

This is a technique that is used by professional actors in their headshots. Assume a confident posture such as spreading out your shoulders so you appear to be standing tall and taking up more space in the frame of the photo. With this type of pose, you are literally opening yourself up instead of looking away from the camera. 

Find your “power pose” and master it so you can look more confident in your photos.

4. Keep Your Facial Expressions Natural

A confident but fake smile can only go so far. True confidence is exhibited when you are more comfortable with your facial expressions. During your corporate headshot session, avoid try-hard expressions such as a wide grin or a forced smile. Instead, use your natural smile and your personality will show through. 

Confidence is good, but authenticity is better. And it takes a lot of confidence to be authentic! 


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