How Should You Stand for Professional Photography?

how to stand and pose for a professional photo

How should you stand for professional photography? The pose is one of the things that individuals have difficulty figuring out when it comes to professional headshots and photos. Make sure to capture the look you are going for and to look your best with the tips available in this guide.


How should you stand for professional photography?

Aside from knowing what to wear, how to stand and pose for a professional photo is the primary concern for subjects. There are two things to consider for best results: your pose and knowing your angles. 


Choosing the Right Pose

A lot of people prefer to stand during their professional photography session. Compared to sitting, you have more options on how you should pose and look flattering. But what is the proper way to stand in your professional photos? 

There are several classic poses that you can try for your next photoshoot. You can practice with some of these poses to see what is most flattering for you and what makes you feel the most confident.


Cross Arms

This is a popular pose for professional headshots. As the name suggests, you will be crossing arms in front of you while standing. This pose is preferred by many because it projects confidence and strength – exactly what you want to exhibit when you are a business professional. 

How should you stand for professional photography


Lean Forward from the Waist

This is another classic choice of pose for business photos. You will be facing the camera but instead of doing so standing straight in front of the camera (which is a no-no in photoshoots), you can lean forward with your hand on your waist. In doing so, you must also angle your head slightly and shift your weight onto one side. 

This pose works for professional photography because it makes you look relaxed, approachable, and friendly. 


Weight to the Back of the Leg

This is somewhat of a reverse position from the above since you will be leaning back slightly as you shift your weight to the back. For example, if you shift your weight to the left leg on the back, you can bring your right leg forward.  This pose also helps you to face the camera at a slight off-angle instead of looking directly straight into the lens (which looks unnatural). 


Tips for the Best Angle and Quality Professional Photos

Make your professional photos stand out by knowing the right angles to showcase and additional posing tips for best results.

  • Know your angle. Knowing your best angle is the best way to look good in your professional headshots. This will require a trial-and-error phase. You can also examine yourself in the mirror to see what angles highlight your best features. If you know your good angles, it will become easier to get the best photo results. 
  • Don’t stand straight in front of the camera. This isn’t a mugshot. A good corporate headshot pose should have the subject facing at a 45-degree angle to the camera. This angle has a slimming effect on the subject, which is more flattering in the photos.
  • Communicate with your eyes. The expression on your eyes can draw out emotions from your professional headshot. That is why photographers make the eyes the focal point of any shot. 
  • Stay relaxed. When you are trying to force a smile or you are uncomfortable, it will show! A relaxed and confident look always translates well in the photos. 

Using the information provided above on how you should stand for professional photography, remember this basic rule: practice, practice, practice! Everyone is different and so you have to find the right pose that makes you feel most comfortable and confident. 

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