Corporate Headshot Wardrobe Guide

corporate headshot wardrobe guide and tips

What do you wear for a corporate headshot session? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when getting a professional headshot. The fuss is clear though; the old adage “clothes make the man” still holds true, your choice of clothes to wear during your headshot photoshoot is critical. 

Use this corporate headshot wardrobe guide to help you decide the right clothes to wear to make the right impression.


General Wardrobe Tips

Aside from your pose and your portrait style, the clothes you wear have a significant impact on the image you portray on your headshot. Make it count! Here are some practical tips to keep in mind for your next headshot:

  • Stick to neutral colors. Avoid wearing extremely bright colors and bold patterns. This can make your clothes stand out too much and take attention away from you (not to mention, it also looks unprofessional). 
  • For a general idea on what to wear, you can wear clothes that you would normally wear when going to work. This is the best way to represent who you are as a professional. 
  • Avoid overly casual clothing. While it is important to look natural and be comfortable, you still want to look like you made an effort to look your best. 
  • Bring multiple outfits. This will give you the opportunity to wear different looks for your headshot, later, you can pick out the one you like best to use for your website or branding materials. 

 wardrobe guide for your corporate headshot session


Corporate Headshot Wardrobe Guide for Men

The following are specific guidelines for choosing a wardrobe for men when getting a corporate headshot:

  • You should wear a suit, whenever possible. Blue or grey suits are the most flattering. If you don’t have a suit in these colours, choose any muted hues. Avoid wearing a black suit as this will disappear in photos, especially if you have a dark background.
  • When wearing ties with your suit, choose one with a minimal pattern (or no pattern at all). Make sure the tie also matches the shirt underneath the suit. 
  • Make sure your shirt is well-pressed. Stick to light-coloured shirts like white, cream, or blue. 
  • You can wear a watch or glasses for your headshot, especially if you wear them daily or it is part of your personal style. 


Corporate Headshot Wardrobe Guide for Women

For women, take note of the following wardrobe guide for your corporate headshot session:

  • Wearing a dress to your corporate headshot is fine. Make sure that the dress is not brightly coloured or has bold patterns. Stick with a formal or corporate dress, such as a little white or black number. Avoid dresses that are too casual.
  • If you are going to wear a sleeveless top or dress, it is best to layer it with a blazer. It will add a corporate feel to your look and is also more professional-looking.
  • Choose a dressy shirt or blouse for your headshot. You can wear one with patterns or colours, but make sure they are not extremely bold or bright. 
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. If possible, avoid dangling or oversized earrings. 

The above suggestions are for you to use as guidelines when deciding what to wear for your next professional headshot. However, you are free to choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and what best expresses your individual style. 

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