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When you think about corporate headshots, you often imagine boring poses that require the subject to look straight down into the camera. These days are long gone; in this digital era, corporate photography is more about creative portraits that showcase one’s personality. While it’s important to keep your portraits professional, a little creativity won’t hurt. Capturing creative portraits can be the ticket to building a unique brand image that boosts credibility and lets you stand out.

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Creative Portraits: Tips for Corporate Photography

Corporate headshots are an essential part of your branding. It’s how you put a face to your brand. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, taking your creative portraits is a must. Skip the boring photography ideas and opt for something that will make your unique brand shine through.


1. Go Outside

If you think that corporate photos need to be shot in a studio with a plain background, think again. New creative portraits from professionals and brands are all about showcasing their personality. 

Therefore, you can try this approach when taking your corporate portraits. Choose a location that would best represent you and your brand. Have your portrait taken in this natural setting so that you can provide people with a glimpse of your personal brand.


2. At Work

Another creative idea for capturing your corporate portrait is to shoot while you’re at work. This is a more professional approach but you can employ creative techniques to make this artistic and not boring.

For example, if you’re a dermatologist, then you can have your portrait taken while you are examining a patient in the dermatology clinic. It is a powerful imagery that you can use to boost your brand.

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3. Shoot in Black and White

Black and white portraits are popular for a reason – they are creative and highly dramatic. When done right, this type of creative portrait can evoke emotions. It will also highlight details and texture that you would normally ignore when other colors are present. 


4. Recreate a Story

You can take a portrait that depicts a story. This is one of the creative techniques that you can use to make an impact through your corporate photography. Make sure that story is relevant to your brand and is something that will capture the eyes and attention of your audience. 


Where to Get Inspiration for Creative Portraits

Have you run out of ideas on how to get creative with your portrait photography? There are a lot of ways to get inspired and to spark your creativity.

You can browse online and check out portfolios from other corporate professionals. Study what they are doing in their photos and why it works. You can also check out various photography websites for more inspiration, not just in developing a theme for the photoshoot but also for various poses. 

In the end, you want to be able to showcase your unique brand through these creative portraits. While you want to gain inspiration from others’ work, you ultimately would want to showcase your personality in your portraits for it to have a lasting impact for your brand. 

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