Headshot Photography FAQs

Headshot Photography FAQs

If you are new to a headshot session, you might have a few questions on what to expect. Make the most of each session by coming into it prepared. This headshot photography FAQs will give you the information you need to make the most of each session.


Headshot Photography FAQs

Check out below for the frequently asked questions about headshot photography to get you started.


Do I really need a professional headshot?

If you are a professional and you have an online presence, a professional headshot is a must. In fact, all professionals must regularly update their headshot. 

If you are a professional, your personal brand and image is critical to your success. Making a good first impression is important to any professional and it is how you can get your professional (and personal) relationships with potential partners off on the right foot. 

You will be using the professional headshot on your website (specifically the About Us page) and your social media profiles. It is the first thing that people see about you if they are looking for more information about you or your company online. 

It should be done by a professional because a headshot tells your story, even before you do. Make sure you project yourself as professional, credible, and approachable. 

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How do you prepare for a headshot photography session?

Your professional headshot must showcase the best version of yourself. Make sure that you prepare for the session so you look your best and you project confidence. 

Choose your best set of clothes that is professional but also reflects your personality and individual style. It is important that you choose clothes that reflect your personality because if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, it will show. For women, choose light and natural makeup. It should be light enough to emphasize your natural features without going overboard. The same goes with your hairstyle. It should be well-kept and presentable. 

You can choose to hire a makeup artist and hairstylist for your photography session but do keep the guidelines above in mind. When it comes to accessories, keep it to a bare minimum. Again, you want to showcase your natural self in a confident manner; you don’t want to try too hard to make an impression.


Can you smile in your professional headshot?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to smiling in your headshot. The only rule is that you should look comfortable in your photo. If you want to smile, then go for it. 

However, try to keep it to a gentle, subtle smile. Avoid grinning too wide or forcing a smile when you don’t feel comfortable with it. On the flip side, you don’t want to look grumpy, either.

It might be a good idea to practice your smile in front of the mirror. This will enable you to see how you look and you can project your best smile once in front of the camera. Make sure to work your best angles, too.


How often should I update my headshot?

Just like smiling in your headshot, there are no rules as to how often you must update your headshot. Some would suggest doing it annually while others say that you must update it when your appearance has changed significantly since your last headshot.

You can use your common sense as to when it is the best time to update your professional headshot, as you deem it necessary in your field of work.


Who gets to decide on the poses for the headshot photography session?

It will depend on a number of factors. Some photographers will give you pointers on what poses to make but if you have your preferred poses, then you can experiment with those. You can do whatever makes you feel comfortable or look your best.

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How do you choose the location for the headshot session?

Some headshot sessions are held in a studio while others can be held at an external location. The location of the headshot session will be determined by the client.

If you believe that an outdoor headshot session is more convincing and reflective of your personality, then you can choose a location that is best suited for this purpose. Some professionals prefer to have their headshots taken in a studio to make it look more professional. Each session is unique and it is based on your preference for how you want your headshot to look like. 


How long does a headshot session last?

This will depend on a case-to-case basis. Some headshot sessions can take only an hour while others take longer. It will depend on how many poses you want to have taken during each session and if you like to do multiple locations for the shoot. This is something that you can discuss ahead of time with your photographer if you are worried about the schedule. 

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