Demystifying Common Headshot Myths

most common headshot myths

When it comes to taking professional headshots, there are common myths that people have assumed to be true. If you want to maximize your headshot and improve your professional brand, it is important to get the facts behind these myths so that you can make it count. 


Top 4 Common Headshot Myths

Below are some of the most common headshot myths and what you need to know about each one.

1. Crossing Your Arms Express Anxiety and Aggressiveness

This is one of the most common headshot myths that you need to stop believing. There is some logic behind this particular myth, though. Body language experts have long associated crossing your arms up in front of you as a sign of defensive behavior. When you do this gesture, it could imply that you want to set boundaries and you are feeling some sort of discomfort. 

However, things have changed over time and people are now more receptive to a wide range of headshot posts, not just the typical “poses” that you would find. Modern headshot photographers, in particular, encourage their subjects to do poses that are natural to them rather than forcing them in staged poses that look and feel awkward. 

If you feel like crossing your arms is a good pose for you, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this particular pose. As long as you are comfortable and feel confident with this pose, go ahead and use it for your next headshot!

headshot myths that you need to stop believing

2. Standing Straight is Best

Again, this common headshot myth is something that might be applicable a few years ago. Standing up straight might look professional but there is no personality behind this particular “pose”. If you want to use your headshot for other purposes such as your social media profiles, then you definitely would want to be creative with your poses.

Standing straight makes you look rigid and awkward. Go for more authentic portraits instead. In fact, comfort and authenticity trumps this oversimplified rule of posing with your body straight up in front of the camera.

3. Every Detail Must be Perfect

Everyone strives for perfectionism but it shouldn’t be something that you must strive for all the time. The best you can do when taking professional headshots is to give attention to details. Try to get the smaller details right instead of making sure that everything looks as perfect as can be. In fact, some headshot photographers encourage showcasing imperfect details because it humanizes your brand and also gives personality to your headshot.  

4. The Best Headshots Lies in the Photographer

Photographers get credit for an outstanding headshot. While photographers, especially the ones who specialize in headshots, have invested a lot of effort and training to become skilled at what they do, the best photographers are those that can showcase the subject. 

The best headshot photographers focus on letting the subject’s personality shine through, not their artistic prowess. The best photographer can capture that personality through the lens and communicate that to the intended audience. It must also be consistent with the brand of the professional who is having their headshot taken. Therefore, the best photographers must take the time to know more about the subject and what their intentions are for taking headshots. 

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