Signs You Should Update Your Headshot

tell-tale signs that you should update your headshot

So, you have your professional headshots done? There is one problem though. It has been more than 5 years since you had them taken. It could be time to update your headshot with a new one. What are the tell-tale signs that you should update your headshot, and why is it so important?


Why Get an Updated Headshot?

The business industry is fast evolving. Whatever industry you might be a part of, adaptability is an important trait you should possess at all times. Adaptability not just applies in terms of how you do business; it also applies to how you project yourself to your customers and business partners. It is critical to your branding strategy. 

Your headshot is your face in the world of business. It puts a face to your name (or your business’s name). Some branding experts would go so far as to say that an outdated headshot is almost as bad as not having one. Indeed, it can put off some people when your headshot does not match who you are personally. 

As you age, your features change and so does your style. It is important to update your headshot regularly to reflect your current state, appearance, and branding.

Signs You Need a New Professional Headshot


Signs You Need a New Professional Headshot

Is it time to book a new corporate headshot session? How do you know when you should call in a professional photographer? No matter how great your headshot is, you cannot use the same one forever. Know the tell-tale signs that you need to update your headshot.

1. Your Existing Headshot is Subpar in Quality

Remember your first headshot? Most of you would probably want to forget about it altogether. If you feel the same way about your headshot, then take that as a sign that you need a new and updated one.

Your former headshot was probably taken during a time when you were starting out in a professional career. You probably could not afford to hire a professional photographer who specialises in headshots yet. As a result, you had to DIY your headshot photoshoot or ask a friend who’s into photography to capture them for you. Without the right equipment or skill from someone behind the camera, you end up with a blurry photo or one that looks unflattering or unprofessional.

If any of these situations apply to you, do not wait any longer. Make sure to get your headshots captured by a professional as soon as possible.

2. You Look Different Physically

If it has been three or more years since your last headshot, there might have been significant changes to your look. Your hair may be longer (or shorter) or you might be slimmer. Several factors can come into play that change your appearance over the years. For this reason, you might want to refrain from reusing your old photos as your professional headshot. 

In particular, you need to update your headshot if there is something significant that has changed in your appearance. It is important for your clients and business partners that your headshots accurately depict who you are as a person. Otherwise, it will be viewed as a form of deception and won’t help in building your credibility as a professional.

importance of an updated headshot

3. You Changed Profession or Industry

If you have changed career or profession, you should update your headshot accordingly. For example, the headshot of a doctor or a healthcare professional looks different from that of an actor or a motivational speaker. 

Depending on your professional status, you should portray a specific image through your headshot. This is why you need a new headshot if you had a change of career or you transferred to a new field. For some people, even getting a promotion at their job requires a new headshot. It is important that you look the part and that it is reflected in your headshot.

4. You Need Variety

Your professional headshot is a marketing tool. It is important that you get a set of headshots instead of reusing the same photo over and over again. You need a different headshot for your personal or business website and another across your social media accounts. Adding variety to your headshots will help establish your personality and also help to match it to the audience for each platform.

5. You Want it to Match Your Personal Brand

When you first started out in your career, you did not consider your headshot as a branding tool. It could be that you hadn’t fully established your personal brand either. 

Fast-forward to a few years later, you want to make sure that your headshot is updated to be consistent with your personal brand. This consistency will help to reinforce your brand, promote recall, and to add credibility to your personal brand. 

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