How Do You Prepare for a Corporate Photoshoot?

So, you have booked a professional photographer for a corporate photoshoot. It’s time to prepare for the session. But what does your preparation entail? How do you prepare for a corporate photoshoot?

In this guide, you will learn the tips from professionals on what you should do to make the most of your corporate photoshoot.


How do you prepare for a corporate photoshoot?

A corporate photoshoot is an important investment for a professional or organization. This will serve as important marketing collateral that you can use for a variety of purposes, as well as part of your branding strategy. Advance preparation can make a difference in ensuring that the photoshoot not only runs smoothly but that you can achieve the best possible result.


Discuss with Your Photographer

This is the most important step to get the results you want. Make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page. Let them know what you want to achieve with your corporate photoshoot and how you intend to use the photos.

Providing your photographer with an insight into your expectations, they will be able to translate that into the photos. By doing this ahead of time, it will save you time because by the time you and your photographer show up for the photoshoot, the expectations have been set. 


Think About What to Wear

Your clothing is one of the most important elements during your corporate photoshoot. It will embody your physical representation and it is also one of the first things that people will notice about your photo.

Choose clothing that reflects your brand. It should also be consistent with your personal style and the image you wish to convey. Don’t wear any clothing that does not make you feel comfortable or best represents who you are.


Hire a Stylist

This is not absolutely necessary but if you can afford to work with one, then go for it. A professional stylist is someone who can provide you with objective insights as to your style for the photoshoot. They will be able to determine what clothes to wear to project a specific image. In addition to helping you choose the clothes to wear for the photoshoot, a stylist can also help you with picking the ideal hairstyle and makeup.

If you have any doubt about choosing your own style, it is best to consult with a stylist.

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Get Plenty of Rest

If you are not used to corporate photoshoots, you might feel anxious and nervous in anticipation of your session. However, it is important for you to get plenty of rest prior to your photoshoot. Make sure you have plenty of sleep at least two nights prior to your scheduled session. 

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is important so you look fresh and healthy for the photoshoot, instead of looking tired. If you don’t have enough sleep, you could end up with baggy eyes or dull skin. You can also complement your efforts with a good skincare routine to make your skin look healthy.


Think About Your Poses

Knowing how to pose for a corporate photoshoot can make or break the end result. To make sure that your photos look flattering and professional, choose the best poses for your photography session.

You can opt for the standard headshot pose wherein you are shot from the chest upward. You can face the camera at a slight angle (never look straight into the camera) to add some personality and keep it from being boring. 

When posing, think about what you want to do with your hands. You can place it your arms crossed or place your hand on your hips. Either way, make it look natural so it won’t look like the pose is staged.

You can also look over your shoulder or lean sideways, if you want your corporate headshot to look a bit more casual. You can even go for a candid shot or use props, if it adds to the quality of the photo. Feel free to experiment with different poses until you can find one that makes you look your best in front of the camera. 


Arrive Early

Make sure you arrive at your scheduled photoshoot ahead of time. This will give you enough time to get dressed and to prepare for the shoot. It will also give you enough preparation time so you can practice your smile or some poses. 

If you walk into a photoshoot late, it will show through your portraits because you and your photographer will try to play catch-up with time. By giving yourself enough time, you can get into the right mood and mindset for the photoshoot so you can enjoy the experience. 


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