portrait photoshoot ideas
November 25, 2021

Portrait Photoshoot Ideas: Do’s and Don’ts

Good quality portrait photos are not just about the subject or the camera. It’s a mixture of both and then some. The best portrait...

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portrait photo ideas
November 11, 2021

10 Portrait Photo Ideas for Great Portraits

Portrait photography is one of the most common types of photography. There are many uses for this type of photography – for your creative...

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professional photo for linkedin
October 27, 2021

Look Like a Professional with Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

According to a research study from the University of York, it only takes a few seconds to create a first impression. You need to...

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what does a headshot look like
October 13, 2021

Tips for Better Headshots, According To a Top Acting Coach

A headshot is the single most important tool for personal brand marketing. Needless to say, a good headshot can help you create a good...

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best headshot pose
October 6, 2021

How To Pose For A Professional Headshot

There are two things most people ask about before a headshot photoshoot. The first one is about what to wear and the second one...

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what makes a good headshot
September 29, 2021

Good Headshots vs. Bad Headshots

Headshots may seem simplistic and straightforward – it’s a photo of your face and shoulders with good lighting that highlights and showcases you. Professional...

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how to prepare for headshots
September 24, 2021

How to Prepare for Professional Headshots

A professional headshot can go a long way in furthering your brand and career. You can see this among beauty brands, professional models, real...

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