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use headshots for branding goal

How Your Corporate Headshot Can Express Your Brand

Your image is an integral part of your brand and not the other way around. This makes corporate and professional headshots an extremely important marketing tool. The headshot represents your image and makes your brand more concrete. This is how people can put a “face” to your brand. There are many ways that corporate headshots can be used as a branding tool and the more you realise that, the more you can exploit this tool to your advantage.   Corporate […]

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differences between a corporate and acting headshot

Corporate Headshots vs Acting Headshots: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of headshots that headshot photographers are commonly booked for: corporate (or business) and acting. These are two types of professions who understand their professional image is of high value; in fact, it is critical for pursuing business and acting opportunities. Needless to say, getting the right headshot can be your ticket to opening up more opportunities and should be taken seriously. While they do have lots of similarities, there is a significant difference between these two […]

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tell-tale signs that you should update your headshot

Signs You Should Update Your Headshot

So, you have your professional headshots done? There is one problem though. It has been more than 5 years since you had them taken. It could be time to update your headshot with a new one. What are the tell-tale signs that you should update your headshot, and why is it so important?   Why Get an Updated Headshot? The business industry is fast evolving. Whatever industry you might be a part of, adaptability is an important trait you should […]

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Essential Factors for the Best Headshots

5 Factors to Help Capture the Best Corporate Headshots

A corporate headshot is a must for any professional, whether you are a realtor, actor, motivational speaker, or a CEO. There are several things to consider when taking corporate headshot photography as it can impact the image you are trying to project, as well as the message you are sending out. There are five factors that you have to keep in mind when you want to capture the ultimate corporate headshot.   5 Essential Factors for the Best Headshots Make […]

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strategies on how to look confident in headshots

How to Look Confident in Headshots

Confidence is photogenic. The more confident you are when facing the camera, the more it shows. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident when having their photos taken – even CEOs and business leaders. This can be tricky since a corporate headshot is an important part of your branding strategy. Therefore, it is important to know the tips and strategies on how to look confident in headshots.   How to Look Confident in Headshots: 4 Tips Confidence is attractive, but not everyone […]

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in-office headshot photography shoot tips

In-Office Headshot Photography Checklist

An in-office shoot is one of the most common choices for headshot photography. The reasons behind this are practical and also because of its ability to reinforce your brand. By capturing your headshot in your place of work, it adds credibility to your profession and also provides a glimpse into how you work. But just because you are shooting in a familiar space, it does not mean that the rest of your shoot will be smooth-sailing.  Use this checklist as […]

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corporate headshot wardrobe guide and tips

Corporate Headshot Wardrobe Guide

What do you wear for a corporate headshot session? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when getting a professional headshot. The fuss is clear though; the old adage “clothes make the man” still holds true, your choice of clothes to wear during your headshot photoshoot is critical.  Use this corporate headshot wardrobe guide to help you decide the right clothes to wear to make the right impression.   General Wardrobe Tips Aside from your pose and […]

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know if you have to smile or no smile in corporate photography

Smile or No Smile in Corporate Photography: What You Need to Know

Should you smile in a corporate headshot? It’s the great topic of debate in corporate photography. Before you make that appointment, it’s important to know if you have to smile or no smile in corporate photography so you can get the best result.    Smile or No Smile in Corporate Photography? To answer the above question, there are two things that you need to consider: 1) the purpose of the photo and 2) if you are comfortable with your smile.  […]

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how to stand and pose for a professional photo

How Should You Stand for Professional Photography?

How should you stand for professional photography? The pose is one of the things that individuals have difficulty figuring out when it comes to professional headshots and photos. Make sure to capture the look you are going for and to look your best with the tips available in this guide.   How should you stand for professional photography? Aside from knowing what to wear, how to stand and pose for a professional photo is the primary concern for subjects. There […]

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How Do You Prepare for a Corporate Photoshoot?

So, you have booked a professional photographer for a corporate photoshoot. It’s time to prepare for the session. But what does your preparation entail? How do you prepare for a corporate photoshoot? In this guide, you will learn the tips from professionals on what you should do to make the most of your corporate photoshoot.   How do you prepare for a corporate photoshoot? A corporate photoshoot is an important investment for a professional or organization. This will serve as […]

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