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You only have one shot to make a good first impression. Don’t miss that opportunity. At Shine Headshot Photography in Sydney we bridge the gap between a picture and your professional image. 

You and your team are the face of your business. Create the right image with professional headshots for your company, staff, or personal brand.

Great Headshots Boost Your Brand

As a business, you’re often selling your image before your actual products or services. How long do visitors stay on a website? Less than 15 seconds. That's the average time spent on a website. And that's how long you have to capture a customer's attention.

How do customers perceive your business? Do you convey an image of trustworthiness and quality? Do you sell premium products but use budget images? The story you are portraying across your website, social media, and promotional material needs to be cohesive and on brand.

Don’t sell yourself short. Hiring a quality professional photographer is excellent use of your budget. Pictures speak to customers, they convey trust, warmth, style, culture, and so much more. Speak to Shine Headshot Photography today to discuss your project.

Headshot Photos That Pop

Your staff are the face of your business, they're at the heart of your brand. How often have you come across tired or unprofessional headshots on a website? It's so common, but yet it's so easy to avoid.

Tell your story and enhance your company's brand in a session with Shine Headshot Photography. We can shoot headshots plus a lot more...maybe you need a diverse range of images to use on your blog, social media, for speaking events, and all of your marketing materials.

If you’re shy in front of the camera or aren't photogenic, don't worry, it's totally normal. Ben will make you feel 100% at ease, he's an expert at getting you looking your best and feeling relaxed for the shoot.

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Share your business story

People love stories, they want to understand your story and be inspired by it. Leverage that with a great brand storytelling through photography.

A picture says a thousand words. When people scroll a website or flick through marketing material, they give your image 1-2 seconds before judging you. How you position yourself and your team through imagery is critical in today’s time poor world.

At Shine Headshot Photography we work to tell your story through the lens.

Professional Headshots - Groups & Teams

Showcase your team and company culture with professional corporate headshots that really stand out. The right images can transform your website, marketing material, annual report, or social media pages.

At Shine Headshot Photography we provide you with the perfect backdrop, lighting, and environment to capture your team’s perfect photo. We are experts at shooting onsite at your place of work to capture the essence of your organisation and team on camera.

In the studio, or at your office, or at a corporate event, all are great options for a team shoot. Our customers regularly use individual headshots for the ‘meet the team’ page on their website, social media, marketing materials, and social media such as LinkedIn profiles.

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Why Choose Us?

Our goal is not just to take your picture, we’re here to help you convey the right image to fit your organisation’s brand. Your image is the starting point for any branding efforts.

We pride ourselves on using contrasting settings to deliver the best results, on location or in studio. Whether you’re experienced or a complete novice in front of the camera, we’ll get the best out of your time with us, delivering satisfaction guaranteed results.

We can travel to your office or place of work anywhere in Sydney, at no extra cost, to shoot you and your team. Once we’re finished we’ll provide you with a gallery of images to choose from, before heading away and work on the final product.

When you choose Shine Headshot Photography, you’re choosing an experienced team led by Head Photographer, Ben Kelly. Ben has over 20 years of experience working with Australia’s leading brands, specialising in portrait and product photography, he brings humour and a unique approach to every shoot to produce the best possible results.

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